About Me

I'm Ali Siddique, a freelance Graphics Designer, Web designer and WordPress Developer based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. After finishing my studies in 2013, I started my career as a Graphics Designer and Web Designer.

I am a web Developer with over 4 years experience, especially to build custom websites by using the WordPress. primarily for the clients ability to easily manage the site content on their own and also because its such an amazing growing platform.

I can build custom themes, adapt existing themes and build plugins and widgets. I design and build WordPress websites. My goal is to do great work, for great people and organisations.

Design & Develop

As a Graphics Designer, i'm familliar with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe XD. I can create banner, logo, Animated banner, Website Design, Photo Editing, etc.

As a Developer, I'm familiar with Responsive Web Design, Bootstrap, Foundation, PHP, WordPress, WooCommerce, HTML5 & CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP and MySQL. I can rapidly and effectively join your group utilizing constant coordination with techniques and devices.

I offer a complete web solution to my clients. I can guide you through the early stages of project planning and research, help you with information architecture and user experience, design your website, and finally build the site for you.

Contact Information

Ali Siddique



Dhaka, Bangladesh

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What i Do


  • Banner Design
  • Cover Design
  • Photo Editing
  • Email Template
  • PSD Design
  • Cliping Path

Front-end & Development

  • HTML5 Temaplate
  • PSD to HTML5
  • Responsive Design
  • Landing Page
  • Email Temaplate
  • WordPress Theme
  • WP Custom Theme
  • PSD to WordPress
  • Setup and Maintenance
  • Error Fixing

My Skills


Photoshop 90%
Illustrator 60%
Adobe XD 90%
Website Design 90%
HTML5 / CSS3 60%
Responsive Design 90%
Socail Media Design 90%


WordPress 80%
Javascript 50%
Jquery 50%
Codeigniter 70%
Bootstrap / Foundation 90%
Git 70%

Software I Use

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Like my work, and interested in working together? Get in touch so we can discuss your requirements.